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The Art of Harmony


Ideal Work systems can be customised to fit your unique colour palette.

We have devised five colour ranges which serve as a matrix to classify our materials and help you realise your design ideals. In this new concept, each colour range starts from light and soft shades, through grey and dark tones, to intense colours, ending with pastel nuances.

Space influences our well-being

Crafting the ideal space involves understanding its purpose and the people it caters to. Through a thoughtful analysis of the building’s end users and the distinct roles of each area, we ensure a cohesive design and material selection. This sets the stage to maximize the use of the space, ensuring a positive and enriching experience.

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Colour shapes our experience

Our experience of space can be impacted by myriad things – the quality of the light and the way floors and walls reflect it, the tactile nature of the surfaces, the acoustics, and the influence of colours when entering a room or building.

Our systems and colours ranges were developed with all of these factors in mind to help you create the desired atmosphere and ambience.

Material, texture and colour

The power of material and colour is still too often underestimated. Professional use of colour is an ideal method to emphasise positive experiences, mitigating negative experiences.
A well-thought-out and substantiated colour plan is therefore an integral part of setting the atmosphere in a space, with a view to even greater well-being for the people who stay, work or visit.

The new colour system
The new colour system

We devised five colour ranges which serve as a matrix to classify our materials.

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The art of combining
The art of combining

Achieve perfect harmony of colour and materials.

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The art of harmony


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