Microcement Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

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Seamless wetrooms & bathrooms

Microcement bathrooms create an atmosphere of spaciousness and tranquillity. Ideal Work’s seamless Microtopping® is applied in only 2-3mm, with considerable versatility. It’s as happy over existing tiles as newly installed plasterboard. Ideal Acquavellum is a 1-2mm seamless acrylic finish with enhanced waterproof capabilities. It’s the perfect choice for super wet areas such as showers or wet rooms. Or if you are looking to create a terrazzo countertop or basin that is truly bespoke, let us put you in touch with our network of skilled artisans.

The results will be pure elegance and style that will transform your daily experience. Durable and easy to maintain, you won’t need caustic or abrasive products to clean your cement wetroom surfaces. Interested in finding out more? Give us a call.

The benefits of microcement bathrooms

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Seamless application

Goodbye to grouted tile finishes and hello to a seamless Ideal Work application! Easy to maintain, luxurious and timeless. We invite you to create a seamless space in the most relaxing place in your house.

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Ideal for sprucing up a tired space, Ideal Work’s micro cement is applied in as little as 3mm, allowing existing fixtures and fittings to remain in place and minimising disruption.

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Relax in your tranquil space knowing that Ideal Work systems are the sustainable choice enjoying LEED and BREEAM certifications.

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Creating uniqueness

Combine our different systems to create a customised look and feel to your new bathroom, using different colours and effects.

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Microcement Bathrooms FAQs

+How do I achieve a modern cement bathroom?

Look no further than Ideal Work systems which provide an authentic concrete aesthetic in only a few millimetres. If you are wanting to refurbish your tiled bathroom or are adding a new bathroom or shower to your home, our micro cement will be a good choice. For more information on our various systems, give us a call.

+Can your micro cement be applied to a hardiebacker bathroom?

Yes. HardieBacker board is often used in bathroom refurbs and is a suitable choice for our Microtopping® for walls and floors.

+Is your micro cement waterproof?

Yes! We offer two systems for micro cement systems for bathrooms: Microtopping and Ideal Acquavellum.

Microtopping is a water-based, cementitious system, providing an authentic and natural aesthetic with incredible versatility in colour and texture. It is protected from water by effective sealer coats, making Ideal Work Microtopping an excellent choice for bathrooms and wet areas.

Ideal Acquavellum is an acrylic-based product. Similar in appearance to the polished concrete aesthetic, it offers enhanced resistance to water absorption and acts as a waterproof system for super-wet areas, such as shower internals or wet rooms.

+Can your micro cement be applied over tiles?

Yes! Our systems are designed to be applied over your existing surfaces including existing tiles, so are ideal for refurbishing a bathroom and keeping demolition costs and efforts to a minimum. We may ask you for photos of your tiles to check what additional preparation may be required, for example, loose tiles will need to be fixed to create a stable substrate. For more information, give us a call.

+Is your micro cement slippery?

Ideal Work offer a range of systems suitable for application on floors in wet areas. For the best anti-slip solution, we recommend a textured Microtopping® finish, or adding an anti-slip additive to the sealer. To find out more about slip ratings, please get in touch.

+What are the advantages of micro cement for bathrooms?

Glad you asked! Ideal Work Microtopping® means you can say goodbye to grout lines and mould and hello to an elegant, seamless aesthetic that is easy to clean, without the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach. Check out the benefits section if you want to know more, or simply call us!