Reflect Your Environment

Sassoitalia® uses natural aggregates to create beautiful landscaping quickly and economically.

Aggregates such as marble, limestone, washed pebbles and crushed stone can be used alone or in combination to design a unique and personal vision.

Giving Sassoitalia® its iconic natural look, the aggregates can be sourced locally to reflect the environment or using Italian aggregates specially selected by Ideal Work.

Guaranteed Longevity

Applied in just 30mm, it is ideal for renovating existing exterior floor areas, and with minimal maintenance, protective treatments keep Sassoitalia® safe from the effects of freeze/thaw cycles or salt water spray.

Projects Featuring Sassoitalia® Exposed Aggregate

Why Choose Sassoitalia®?

Custom finishes Icon

Custom Finishes

Infinite colour possibilities with a variety of Italian marble

Speed of laying icon

Speed of Laying

Fast application process

Low environmental impact icon

Low Environmental Impact

A high-performance, high-quality eco-friendly solution

Resistant to freeze thaw cycles icon

Thaw Cycle Resistant

Resistant to freezing & retain their perfect look over time

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Sassoitalia® Colours

FAQs about Sassoitalia

+Is it necessary to respect control joints with Sassoitalia®?

Sassoitalia® requires joints if, and only if, the substrate to which it is being applied has control joints. These must be respected and mirrored when laying Sassoitalia® to prevent any movement along those joints in the substrate causing transfer cracking.

+Can I lay a Sassoitalia® floor near sea water or in a where there are significant freeze/thaw cycles?

In seaside environments, or in areas with cold climates subject to freeze/thaw cycles, it is possible to apply a special sealant to the surface that makes it water repellent and therefore resistant to extreme agents.

+Can I choose pebbles or grits of any size?

The aggregate size options vary from 5 mm to 20 mm, both round and split. It is essential that the aggregates are of high quality and have excellent resistance to compression. Marble aggregates are perfect for Sassoitalia® applications.

+Is it possible to use Sassoitalia® vertically or on stairs?

Special application techniques allow Sassoitalia® to be installed on vertical surfaces and stairs. We or your professional installer will be able to advise you on your particular project.

+What maintenance does Sassoitalia® require?

Sassoitalia® can be kept clean simply by sweeping and washing the surfaces. It is recommended to wash the floor periodically with water and a Ph neutral (not acidic) detergent.

+What thickness does Sassoitalia® have to be?

Sassoitalia® is a 3cm decorative layer over a concrete or suitable screed sub-base. The thickness of the substrate will depend on the traffic. As a guide only, the thicknesses of the concrete or screed required are as follows: 6-8 cm, pedestrian only areas, 8-12 cm, light vehicle traffic areas (cars), 13-20 cm, medium-to-heavy vehicular traffic (cars-lorries).

+Can personalised decorations be inserted in Sassoitalia® flooring?

Certainly, by adapting the joints and using different colours of aggregates and Ideal Work Colourmix, it is possible to create decorations of many types. An example can be seen here.