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Exterior Needs Satisfied

Rasico® is a decorative cement based coating designed for exteriors.

Applied at 3mm thickness, Rasico® provides incredible wear and slip resistance, making it the perfect exterior cement for terraces, balconies and other outdoor areas.

Extremely resistant to abrasion, oils, water, and UV rays, Rasico® and Rasico® Touch are easy to clean and maintain

Original Design

Rasico® offers original designs including the sought after flame pattern, or tree-bark or woven aesthetics, and an additional Touch coat creates a filled, smoother finish.

High wear resistance also allows Rasico® to retain its aesthetic over time.

exterior cement coating close up

Homes Featuring Rasico®

Why Choose Rasico® & Rasico® Touch

Speed of laying icon

Speed of Laying

Fast application process

Minimal Depth

Little change in slab level

No Joins

Applied seamlessly, without interruption

High wear resistance icon

High Wear Resistance

Durable for a long-lasting finish

Resistant to freeze thaw cycles icon

Thaw Cycle Resistant

Resistant to freezing & retain their perfect look over time

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Rasico & Rasico Touch – Decorative Cement Based Coating Colours