Stunning Microcement Floors

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Polished concrete floor aesthetic in just a few millimeters

Ideal Work’s systems for microcement floors bring you the beauty of the polished concrete floor aesthetic in just a few millimetres. Ideal for refurbishments as well as new builds, our luxury finishes are durable, sustainable and, above all, have beauty and authenticity at their heart.

Are you looking for a polished floor without the hassle of concrete grinding? Do you need to cover tiles over a concrete floor without the cost of demolition? Or perhaps you simply want style to be your guide! Contact our experienced technical and sales teams to hear more. We will be happy to show you all the options that will meet your needs, from residential to commercial, from indoor or exteriors.

The benefits of microcement floors

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Use our micro cement on any substrate

Ideal Work micro cement systems have been designed for any substrate. Whether it be screed, cement board, concrete, tiles – you name it – there will be an Ideal Work system that works for you to provide the versatile, seamless finish you are looking for.

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Highly durable floor finishes

Whether you want a polished concrete aesthetic, or a terrazzo finish, or a slip-resistant exterior, Ideal Work decorative flooring systems are a durable and sustainable choice. Suitable for domestic and commercial environments, our systems have been applied worldwide for over 25 years.

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Wide range of colours

Beauty is the DNA of Ideal Work systems, offering you a wide variety of different textures and colours to choose from. Through our colour matching service, we are also able to assist you with the formulation of bespoke colours and shades.

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Seamless Transitions

Designed for seamless application, there is no limit to the potential coverage with our microcement floors. Achieve a luxurious floor finish that is durable and easy to maintain.

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Microcement flooring FAQs

+Are your flooring systems compatible with underfloor heating?

Absolutely, yes. It is recommended that the underfloor heating be run through at least three heating cycles to test the substrate’s response to thermal variation prior to application. The underfloor heating must be off during the installation of your Ideal Work floor.

+Does my floor need to have expansion joints?

All Ideal Work systems are designed to be applied seamlessly. Joints will only be required if the substrate to which it is being applied has or needs control joints. If your concrete slab has existing cracks, we can advise as to how best to fix these and prevent further cracking before the Ideal Work system is installed. Any control joints will be managing movement in the substrate and must be mirrored in the final finish to prevent any movement along those joints in the substrate causing transfer cracking.

+How hard are your systems compared to a concrete floor?

The DNA of Ideal Work systems is decorative coverings for floors. Architop®, Rasico®, Lixio® and Lixio®+ behave like a deep-laid concrete or terrazzo floor, whilst the strength of Microtopping® lies in its extreme versatility so, assuming a concrete, tile, or sand and cement screed substrate, will give similar wear and tear as a wooden floor.

+Can Ideal Work floor systems also be used outside?

In a word, yes! If you are looking for seamless continuity from inside to out, all Ideal Work systems can be used both internally and externally. For enhanced slip resistance, consider our Rasico® and Rasico® Touch systems, as well as Sassoitalia®, especially designed for outdoor environments.

+Is polishing and grinding required?

If you are choosing Ideal Work Microtopping® or Architop®, you will achieve the look of concrete with no concrete polishing and grinding required. Our terrazzo systems, Lixio® and Lixio®+, do require polishing and grinding.

+How can I fix stained cement floors?

If you have stained cement floors, or existing floors with any other damage, Ideal Work decorative finishes can be applied directly on top to give new life to the space.

+Can I create a burnished concrete floor finish?

Yes! With Ideal Work Architop®, the power-trowel application method will allow you to replicate an authentic polished concrete floor with burnishing and variegation to create an industrial look.

+Is your concrete shiny?

That's up to you! The sealers for our micro cement and terrazzo systems determine the level of sheen and are available in glossy, satin, and matt. For guidance as to the best sealer for your project, give us a call.

+Is your polished concrete slippery?

Our micro cement systems Microtopping®, Architop® and Rasico® achieve good slip-resistance, especially when textured. Our Rasico® system is specially designed for outdoor applications, with ice and wet in mind. To see our performance tests, please get in touch.

Ideal Work’s micro cement floor systems

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