Concrete in just 3mm

Overcome the thickness, weight and programming limitations of traditional concrete with Ideal Work’s innovative Nuvolato Architop® system.

Architop emulates the aesthetic of deep-laid power-floated concrete with enhanced robustness making it a popular choice for restaurants, bars, shops, offices, and residential living spaces.

Urban Industrial

The Nuvolato Architop® system is applied manually then finished with a power trowel. This application produces the signature cloudiness and burnishing and also the durability of a concrete floor.

Due to its similarities to power floated concrete and the significant advantages it offers with regard to programming and colour choice, Nuvolato Architop® is a popular addition to the portfolio of a high-quality professional concrete installer.

Commercial Spaces Featuring Architop®

Nuvolato Architop® will enhance the aesthetic of your project providing seamless floors with an authentic, urban industrial aesthetic.

Why Choose Architop®?

Minimal Demolition

Architop® can be applied over most existing surfaces without the need for them to be removed.

Minimal Depth

Minimal thickness means little change in existing level, enabling retention of existing skirting, door frames, etc.

No joins

Can be applied seamlessly, without interruption, depending on the existing surface.

Speed of laying icon

Speed of laying

Fast application process

High wear resistance icon

High Wear Resistance

Durable for a long-lasting finish

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Nuvolato Architop® Colours

Unique special effects can be achieved using metal trims as well as acid staining.

FAQs about Architop®

+What is Nuvolato Architop®?

Nuvolato Architop® is specially formulated to be finished using a power trowel. It cannot be finished in any other way. The power trowel gives it its style which is similar to its deep laid cousin, power floated concrete. A selection of 31 colours is available and virtually any colour can be specially created using pigments.

+Is Nuvolato Architop® compatible with underfloor heating?

Absolutely, yes. It is recommended that the underfloor heating be run through at least three heating cycles to test the substrate’s response to thermal variation prior to application. The underfloor heating must be off during the installation of the Nuvolato Architop® floor.

+Can cracks appear over time?

Nuvolato Architop® will not crack of its own accord but is likely to crack if the substrate below it cracks, known as transfer cracking. Substrate cracking can be caused by a number of reasons including movement or settling of the building materials. The chance of transfer cracking occurring can be significantly reduced with proper substrate evaluation and preparation. Application of epoxy and mesh prior to Nuvolato Architop® is an excellent substrate treatment.

+Can Nuvolato Architop® be placed on top of an existing floor?

Nuvolato Architop® is a rigid system requiring a rigid substrate with minimum substrate requirements which are typically satisfied by sand and cement screed, tiles, concrete or any other substrate having a minimum surface strength of 25N/mm2 and minimum pull off strength 1.5N/mm2. We or your nominated professional installer will know how to advise you on the necessary preparation for your particular project.

+How can a Nuvolato Architop® floor be kept clean?

Cleaning a Nuvolato Architop® floor is very simple. A damp cloth or mop is sufficient to clean the surfaces, with the addition of a little neutral detergent for floors (for example perfetto! Ideal Work: a specific detergent for decorative Ideal Work surfaces).You can periodically treat the floor with protective, sacrificial products such as Ideal Cera. Aggressive cleaners containing soap, acid, ammonia, chlorine or other abrasive detergent products must not be used. Our Care & Maintenance Guide  can be found here.

+How hard is Nuvolato Architop®?

Nuvolato Architop® performs in a similar manner to a power floated concrete floor, and therefore is a very popular choice for very high traffic areas such as restaurants, bars, shopping centres, and galleries.

+Is it necessary to respect control joints with Nuvolato Architop®?

Nuvolato Architop® floors require joints if, and only if, the substrate to which it is being applied has control joints. These must be respected and mirrored when laying Nuvolato Architop® to prevent any movement along those joints in the substrate causing cracking.

+Is Nuvolato Architop® resistant to impacts such as car and heavy vehicle traffic?

Absolutely, yes. As monolithic concrete flooring, Nuvolato Architop® is extremely resistant to impact as well as vehicular traffic and is often chosen for use in high-traffic areas such as restaurants and commercial retail.

+Is Nuvolato Architop® suitable for exterior spaces?

Although Ideal Work Rasico® and Rasico® Touch systems have been specially designed for external use, Nuvolato Architop® can also be used for external applications such as driveways, footpaths and swimming pool decks, assuming the substrate requirements are met. Different sealants with anti-slip beads can be used to enhance slip resistance. The Nuvolato Architop® system is resistant to UV rays and other climatic stress.

Architop NBS Product Information