Lixio®+. Larger aggregates make a powerful statement.

Lixio®+ is an evolution of Ideal Work’s Lixio® system and recreates the iconic, classic terrazzo floor. The Lixio®+ aesthetic is achieved with a combination of aggregates (5-12 mm) laid in depths of 25mm or more. The choice of Ideal Work Colourmix and grouting also contributes to the aesthetic. The result is a classically elegant floor combining modern and ancient traditions.

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Why choose Lixio®+

Ideal Work has created a series of marble aggregate selections and colourmix combinations to create thirteen suggested aesthetics. However, the ultimate choice of marble aggregate is yours, creating limitless possibilities for the Lixio®+ system.

Highly durable, different grinding and polishing levels can be used to determine the shine and slip resistance. It is also possible to create decorative features such as brass trims and patterns through the use of different colour and aggregate combinations. The enormous design potential can be used to particularly great effect in large areas such as museums, galleries and other public spaces.

A Lixio®+ floor provides a noble terrazzo finish, whilst the choice of materials and the application technique reflect Ideal Work’s continuous and innovative research in high-performance, high-quality eco-friendly solutions.

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Recent Projects

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Colours & Combinations


Custom finishes

Limitless colour possibilities with a variety of Italian marble

Low environmental impact

High wear resistance

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