Modern Wall Texture Finishes Designers Love

Enhancing Spaces with Microcement

When it comes to design, modern wall texture finishes play a pivotal role in creating stylish spaces. Among the plethora of options available, microcement stands out as a versatile and sought-after choice for contemporary walls. In this article, we will explore the versatility of microcement as we delve into the world of decorative interior wall finishes. This luxury material can transform your living spaces with unique textures, creating stunning visual effects that designers adore.

Why Do People Love Textured Walls?

Textured walls have gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating the attention of designers. Homeowners love the wide variety of aesthetics that textured walls can bring to their home with modern materials that are easy to clean and maintain. So, what makes modern textured wall finishes so appealing?

  • Visual Interest and Depth: Textured walls add a dynamic element to a room, instantly elevating its visual appeal. The interplay of light and shadow on textured surfaces creates depth and dimension, thereby transforming an ordinary wall into a stunning focal point.
  • Adding Personality and Character: Texture on walls allows individuals to infuse their spaces with personality and character. With a wide range of textured finishes available, homeowners can choose one that aligns with their style preferences and overall design theme. Add a cosy and rustic feel, or a sleek and modern edge. Both can be achieved with modern wall textures.
  • Acoustic Benefits: Textured walls have the added advantage of improving acoustic properties within a room. The textured surface helps to diffuse sound waves, therefore reducing echoes and minimising noise transmission. This makes textured walls particularly desirable in restaurants, retail spaces, and open-plan living or work spaces, where sound control is essential for creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance: Textured wall finishes using modern materials like microcement offer not only aesthetic appeal but also durability and low maintenance. Unlike plaster, the textured Microtopping® will last for years to come with almost no deterioration caused by wear and tear. Easy to clean, your walls will remain as beautiful as on day one.

Microcement: An Introduction to Luxury Wall Finishes

Interior Modern Wall Texture Finishes with Microcement

Microcement, also known as micro-concrete, is a decorative material that is increasingly popular among those seeking to create a smooth polished concrete aesthetic. Microtopping® is a high quality, versatile material consisting of a cementitious mixture combined with polymers. It creates a thin (2-3mm) finish that adheres to various surfaces, including walls. Microtopping®’s versatility allows designers to also create unique textures impossible to achieve with other microcements. The result is a seamless, elegant, and luxurious finish that adds visual interest to exterior and interior spaces. Utilising the thin application of Ideal Work’s microcement, designers have the flexibility to incorporate it just about anywhere. This includes installation over existing tiles, plasterboard, drylining, cement board, and plyboard, or to revive cracked concrete surfaces.

Modern Textured Wall Finishes with Microcement

One of the key advantages of Ideal Work’s microcement, compared to many others, is its ability to create appealing textured finishes to walls. With its application, designers can achieve a wide range of textures, from rough and industrial to smooth and sleek. By using techniques such as troweling, layering, or stenciling, Ideal Work’s microcement systems can emulate the appearance of natural materials like concrete, stone, metal, and decorative plaster finishes. Weather-resistant and UV-stable, Ideal Work’s Microtopping® and Rasico® are beautiful and practical choices for adding texture to walls, both inside and out. This versatility allows designers to unleash their creativity. It offers virtually endless possibilities for unique interior wall finishes linking seamlessly to the exterior.

Camila Rodrigues, Lead Interior Designer at COR London, used three Ideal Work systems to bring the flavours and colours of Mexico to life in London’s Cavita restaurant. She infused her urban-chic design scheme into the space with textured Rasico® on the walls, smooth Microtopping® on the bar and distressed Acid Stain® on the ceilings.

Rodrigues says, “Cavita’s surfaces needed to be durable but still feel warm and playful. The evocative colours and rustic wall textures we achieved with Ideal Work’s systems helped create visual depth and a welcoming atmosphere. The client appreciates how hard-wearing the surfaces are. I am thrilled with the chic Mexican aesthetic they evoke.”

Types of Modern Wall Finishes

Microcement opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to internal wall finishes. Whether you seek a rustic look, an urban-industrial vibe, or a refined and polished aesthetic, microcement can deliver the desired effect.

Some popular textured wall finishes include:

Raw Concrete Finish

raw concrete finish walls

Emulating the raw beauty of concrete, a raw concrete wall finish adds an edgy and contemporary vibe to any space. Microtopping® is an excellent choice for a raw concrete aesthetic because it is easy to maintain, UV stable and highly durable. It provides the look and feel of concrete in just a couple of millimeters of depth.

Venetian Plaster Finish

venetian plaster finish walls

With a smooth and polished texture, this finish exudes elegance and luxury, reminiscent of traditional Italian plasterwork. An excellent option for creating a Venetian plaster finish, Ideal Work’s Microtopping® comes in myriad colours and can achieve both matte and shiny finishes, according to the designer’s vision. (Click for a colour chart.)

Oxidised or Shiny Metal Finish

rusted metal finish textured walls

For those seeking an industrial appeal, an Acid Stain over Microtopping®, or oxidised metal finish can achieve a weathered, rusted effect, adding character to your walls. Purometallo® is a luxurious and durable alternative to installing metal wall surfaces. It produces an alluring metallic finish on almost any surface. From a gold effect metal feature wall to a copper shiny staircase, Purometallo® is sure to create a conversation starter in your home, restaurant, retail space, or office.

Distressed Finish

Modern Wall Texture Finishes distressed samples

By deliberately creating imperfections or distressed patterns, this finish offers a vintage and worn-in charm. Skilfully playing with colour and application techniques, Ideal Work’s Microtopping® will produce a distressed wall finish that creates a unique focal point in any room.

Unique Patterned Finishes

stenciled stamped textured walls

Adding textures and patterns to walls has become a popular design choice in recent years because it can showcase individual style and create depth. Use Microtopping® to create appealing patterns or stenciled designs. Alternatively, opt for Rasico® to achieve sought-after wall textures such as flame patterns, tree-bark texture, or woven aesthetics.

Examples of modern textured wall finishes include:

Ideas for Using Modern Wall Texture Finishes:

Texture on walls can dramatically transform the atmosphere of a room, adding depth and visual interest. With microcement, interior designers have the freedom to explore various concepts. Here are a few inspiring ideas for using modern wall texture finishes:

  • Feature Walls. Create a statement by applying microcement to a single wall, highlighting its unique texture and finish. This technique is particularly effective in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.
  • Accent Details. Incorporate microcement as a design element, such as paneling or borders, to add subtle texture and visual appeal.
  • Room Dividers and Partitions. Utilise microcement to create functional and aesthetically pleasing room dividers, separators, or enclosures. These additions can enhance the overall design and bring a touch of modernity to open-plan spaces.
  • Mixed Materials. Combine microcement with other materials, such as wood or glass, to achieve a harmonious blend of textures and create a captivating visual contrast.

When it comes to decorative wall finishes, microcement shines as a top choice for designers and homeowners creating modern and luxurious spaces. Its versatility and ability to create unique textured wall finishes make it a favorite among design professionals. Whether you’re looking to achieve a raw industrial look, a polished Venetian plaster finish, or something entirely unique, microcement from Ideal Work offers an array of possibilities. Embrace the world of microcement’s modern wall texture finishes and transform your walls into captivating works of art.

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