Microcement Flooring Course – Hand Applied

Microcement Flooring Course – Hand Trowel Internal & External

Welcome to our microcement flooring course for hand-troweled applications, where you’ll learn to install luxury smooth and textured floor finishes. Discover highly innovative and durable floor systems for interiors and exteriors, including Ideal Work’s world-renowned hand-troweled flooring systems like Microtopping®, Ideal Skin – Acquavellum, and Rasico® & Rasico Touch®.

Tailored for trade professionals who enjoy hand troweling techniques, this course enhances skills and earning potential by teaching the installation of micro cement flooring finishes for interiors and exteriors. Do you prefer power troweling? Click here to learn about our other microcement flooring course.

This course offers a comprehensive approach to hand-troweled microcement floor installation. With extensive industry experience, we fully understand the requirements of high-end design and the importance of delivering quality and profitability. Join us to enhance your skills in crafting seamless, stunning floors that elevate any environment.

Microcement & luxury floor finishes covered:

Rasico & Rasico Touch®

Course Description: Hand Troweled Microcement Flooring

Discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice of:

  • Installation of fibreglass mesh set in epoxy, broadcast with quartz.
  • Hand trowelling of the materials and instruction how to achieve different aesthetics and patternation.
  • Learning about sanding and sealing options and techniques.

Duration: 2 days
Cost: £750 plus VAT.
Next Course: July 2024 (Book now!)

10% early bird discount is available for bookings made up to 6 weeks before the course date.
8 places available per course

What should I expect from this Hand Trowled Microcement Flooring Course?

In our Hand Trowled Microcement Flooring Course, participants can expect a comprehensive training experience aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. Throughout our training, you’ll learn techniques for achieving high-quality interior and exterior finishes and maximizing earnings.

Ideal Work’s microcement floors courses focus on installing user-friendly, high-quality products known for their exceptional performance and sustainability. These products are fully certified, offering peace of mind for both installers and clients. Additionally, our experienced instructors provide continuous technical support, ensuring you always have assistance when needed.

Moreover, our training covers lead generation and job referral strategies, along with extensive marketing guidance. Participants receive top-notch marketing materials to effectively showcase the products, and we provide our installer partners with a first rate sample-making service, both standard and bespoke, to support your marketing activities. With us, you’ll find a one-stop-shop for all your micro cement floor application needs, from products to tools and equipment, enabling you to thrive in the industry.

Ideal Work’s Hand Troweled Microcement Flooring Course Benefits:

  • High earnings for motivated installers
  • Easy to install, high-value products
  • Excellent product performance
  • Fully certified products
  • Sustainability credentials (BREEAM, LEED)
  • NBS registered
  • Expert technical support
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Lead creation and job referrals
  • High-quality marketing materials & support
  • Microcement samples (standard and bespoke)
  • A one-stop-shop for products, tools and equipment

General Information: Microcement Training

Each Ideal Work Training Course includes:

  • Hands on practical training for the applicable systems
  • Technical, marketing and commercial training
  • A sample and catalogue pack and elegant presentation box
    (1 box per company attending, maximum of 3 people per company except for Bespoke Courses)
  • Reception with coffee and pastries
  • Group lunch and evening meal
  • Option for on-site technical assistance (pricing varies)

Hands-on practical micro cement training:

Ideal Work UK offers top-notch seamless decorative finish and microcement courses in the UK, covering the installation of all Ideal Work products. Our in-house training team, with over 20 years’ on-site experience, conducts these courses, providing expert advice and guidance to answer all your questions. We prioritize comprehensive assistance, ensuring both our technical and sales teams are fully trained on our systems, including technical requirements and pricing (both material and installation). You’ll always find someone ready to assist you.

You will leave our courses with the confidence to install the systems covered in your course as well as an overview of the other Ideal Work systems available. Additionally, we offer on-site assistance during your initial applications, allowing you to learn and get expert advice in real-world situations. Furthermore, our team will work alongside you, providing support with troweling, sanding, vacuuming, and more. Costs for this assistance vary based on your needs and location in the UK or abroad. You’ll also have access to our equipment, including larger machines, grinders, sanding machines, industrial vacuums, and power trowels, giving you a hands-on understanding of the installation processes before making equipment investments.

Technical, marketing & commercial training:

With years of experience in our in-house installation service, we have a complete understanding of the life of a microcement installer. What’s more, our focus goes beyond your role as an applicator; we see you as a business professional operating within the high-end design industry. The microcement course and decorative finish installer trainings take a holistic approach to you, your business, and your success with our products, ensuring quality delivery and profitability. Theese comprehensive courses cover technical, marketing, and commercial aspects, providing you with all the tools you need for success. Courses include:

  • Detailed information about substrate assessment, on site issues, choice of sealers etc
  • How to market our finishes to establish a regular and profitable work pipeline
  • Systems pricing and how this relates to material costs as well as installation schedule
  • Installation terms and conditions
  • Discussion on warranties
  • Lead generation and how to convert leads into paid-for business!
  • CRM and how to keep track of your enquiries
  • Understanding design and performance criteria, so that you can best advise your clients on the many choices available to them from the Ideal Work range.

Overnight stays: to guarantee the quality of your experience with us we will provide you with recommendations and advantageous rates at local hotels specially selected by us. Contact us for more information.

Seamless Finish & Microcement Course Offerings:

Luxury Smooth & Textured Finishes

Microtopping®, Rasico®, Acquavellum

Architop®, Rasico®, Rasico Touch

Bespoke Training is Available!

Click Here to contact us to discuss your custom training needs.

Our UK Microcement Training Facility

Located in the heart of the Sussex countryside, our premises at the Swallow Business Park in Lower Dicker offer a wonderful retreat from your daily life to delve into the lucrative world of Ideal Work decorative finishes. What’s more, you will be welcomed with coffee and pastries while being introduced to the Ideal Work team and your fellow participants.

The Technical, Marketing and Commercial training will be held in our Sustainability Room, while the Practical Training will take place in our dedicated training area which offers a spacious and light-filled environment.

Click here for directions via Google Maps.

Microcement Course Training center Map

Microcement Flooring Course Training FAQs

+What is microcement?

Microcement, also known as micro-concrete, is a versatile material applied to surfaces to create smooth, durable finishes.

+Who are microcement courses for?

Our courses are tailored for trade professionals looking to enhance their skills in microcement installation.

+What can I expect from microcement training?

You'll learn techniques for seamless finishes, including polished concrete and textured decorative techniques. We offer trainings for both wall and floor applications.

+What are the benefits of microcement training?

Participants can expect high earnings once they learn microcement applications. Courses include training for quality installation of high-value products, and expert technical support.

+Do your microcement courses cover interior and exterior applications?

Yes, our training covers both interior and exterior applications of microcement.

+Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes, our microcement products have excellent sustainability credentials, including certifications like BREEAM and LEED.

+What sets your microcement courses apart?

Our courses take a holistic approach, focusing not only on technical skills but also on business aspects like marketing and profitability.

+Is on-site assistance available for microcement course participants?

Yes, our team offers on-site technical assistance during your initial installs to help you apply what you've learned and provide the best possible quality microcement applications.

+Where are your uk microcement training facilities located?

Our training facility is in the heart of the Sussex countryside, providing a peaceful environment for learning.

+What does microcement training involve?

Microcement training covers hands-on application techniques, surface preparation, product selection, and troubleshooting.

+How long are the microcement courses?

Course lengths vary, but are typically two days, depending on the level of detail covered. Bespoke training is also available.

+Do I need any prior experience to take the course?

No prior experience is required, although some basic knowledge of construction or finishing trades may be helpful.

+What materials and equipment do I need for the course?

All necessary materials and equipment are provided during the training. Participants are only required to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

+Will I learn about marketing and business aspects of microcement installation?

Yes, our courses cover marketing strategies, pricing, client management, and other business-related topics to help you succeed in the industry.

+Do you offer ongoing support after completing the course?

Yes, participants receive access to ongoing technical support and resources to assist them in their microcement installation projects.