Unrepeatable Beauty

Our every surface – a unique work of art.

Ideal Work® systems and solutions allow you to obtain a unique, attractive, valuable finish which can only be provided by true artisan craftsmen and quality materials.

A surface offering the individual touch of a hand applied finish, avoiding the repetitive predictability of mass production.
Individuality is the very nature of the material used, which provides beauty with all its imperfections. An Ideal Work® finish will bring exclusivity to any context, be it commercial or residential.

Ideal Work’s systems are installed by a network of trained craftsmen, supported by extensive R&D and updates from our technical team. The thread common to all projects is to create a unique thing of beauty, unrepeatable, durable and with minimal maintenance requirements. Something that is to be admired, touched and experienced.

Shading, variegated colour effects, hand produced textures and irregularities typical of skilled manual work, all come together to produce a custom finish with soul, something that contains a little piece of everyone involved in the creative process from designer, to manufacturer, to artisan installer.
Ideal Work® handmade surfaces: beautiful and unrepeatable.