Is Microtopping® a resin?

Ideal Work Microtopping® is not a resin but a cement-polymer coating for use as a decorative finish (thickness 2-4 mm) for interior and exterior surfaces. Considered an example of a coating with great architectural and aesthetic value, Microtopping® was formulated for the purpose of cladding, restoring and recreating vertical and horizontal surfaces whilst providing theRead More

I would like to clad a fireplace and a kitchen top: Is Microtopping® heat resistant?

Tests of the heat resistance carried out on the material obtained excellent results. Microtopping® was heated to a temperature of 115°C without displaying any defects. However, it is inadvisable to lay boiling objects directly on the surface so suitable heat resistant mats should be used. Moreover, in the case of kitchen tops, it is recommendedRead More

How do you keep a Microtopping® surface clean?

Cleaning a Microtopping® floor is very simple. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the surfaces, with the addition of a little neutral detergent for floors (for example PERFETTO! Ideal Work: a specific detergent for decorative Ideal Work surfaces). It is recommended to periodically treat the pavement with protective, superficial products based on self-polishing waxesRead More

How can a perfect appearance be maintained over time?

Certain effective precautions are recommended: Provide a doormat at the entry to the house that can retain dust, sand and abrasive particles weep or vacuum regularly Use protective felt under furniture, especially under furniture that is often moved, such as chairs In the event it is necessary to move heavy furniture, it is recommended toRead More

If water, oil or other substances are spilled on it, will Microtopping® stain?

Ideal Work offers a very wide range of protection. The choice of the right protection depends on the requirements of the end customer. There are solvent and water based products. Even though the resin treatment protects the flooring from rapid penetration of accidentally spilled liquids, it is well to remember that all liquid substances, especiallyRead More

Is Microtopping® certified?

In addition to being an EC certified product, Microtopping® has been subjected to multiple tests.

I have underfloor heating: can I use Microtopping®?

Microtopping® has perfect adhesion even on surfaces with underfloor heating systems. It is fundamental to choose a suitable support for the heating system installed. Microtopping® has a heat conductivity value of λ =0.46.

Can Microtopping® be applied on top of tiles or wooden parquet floors?

After carefully assessing the base and with proper preparation, Microtopping® can be installed on any type of surface. Your Ideal Work installer will know how to advise you on the feasibility or otherwise of the operation and help you to choose the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Can Microtopping® also be used outside?

Unlike the majority of resins that cannot be applied in exterior environments, Microtopping® is ideal for external applications such as terraces, footpaths, swimming pool decks, porches and walls. Microtopping® is provided with good protection from: water penetration, climatic stress, de-icing salts and UV rays.