How is the special colouring of the Acid Stain Flooring created?

The coloured acidic solution containing metallic salts comes in contact with the cement flooring and reacts with the alkalinity of the concrete itself, condensing the metallic salts that release the colour. The result is unique for every surface and depends on many variables: the chemical composition, the mix design, porosity, age, texture and colour ofRead More

Can stairs and vertical surfaces be created?

Certainly, it is possible to create stairs or even vertical surfaces. When dealing with projects that require special processes, it is important to assess the most suitable technical solution with your Ideal Work installer in order to obtain the final result you require.

If oil, water or other liquids are spilled, will they stain the floor?

Ideal Work offers a wide range of protection. The choice of the right protection depends on the requirements of the end customer. In principle, even if the surface treatment effectively protects the concrete from rapid penetration of accidentally spilled liquids, it is well to remember that all liquid substances, especially those most used in theRead More

Once the flooring is finished, do the acids used release harmful substances?

Absolutely not. Ideal Stain acids are formulated to react only during the 4 hours following application. Once the application is finished and the flooring has been treated with surface protection, even where there is underfloor heating, no substance is released that could be harmful to health. Tests carried out discovered that the acid stain flooringRead More